Rewarding holders with a 20% proportionate share on all transactions generated by the Kinesis system.

Earn a passive income

The Kinesis Velocity Token (KVT) is a digital token which rewards holders in line with the growth of the system.

Each time the Kinesis currencies are sent or spent a transaction fee is applied. These fees are accumulated and 20% is proportionately distributed back to the KVT holders.

Imagine… every time someone purchases a coffee or pays for travel, you are rewarded in gold and silver, every month.

Core principals

20% Yield

20% share of all fees generated by transactions

300,000 Limit

Only 300,000 KVTs will ever exist


KVTs are tradable on the Kinesis Exchange


As the system grows, your KVT yield will grow too.

How to purchase KVT

A limited number of KVTs are currently listed on the Kinesis Exchange for buy orders only. Visit the exchange to purchase your KVTs today.

How do KVT yields work?

A transaction is made

A transaction fee is taken

KVT holders receive 20% of this fee

Max receives 7.5% of Alice’s fee

KVT maximum supply

KVT Calculator

The greater the volume of transactions, the more fees available to KVT holders and the greater the
potential KVT value.

Use the KVT calculator to input your values and determine the potential returns.