Kinesis Money.

A platform giving users the ability to send, spend, store and trade digital currencies in one convenient interface.


The account feature allows users to store multiple digital currencies including, KAU, KAG, as well as crypto and traditional (fiat) currencies.

A simple and easy multi-currency interface, that enables you to manage your currency portfolio with ease.


The Kinesis Exchange is a powerful interface which enables the trading of Kinesis currencies for fiat and cryptocurrencies.

24/7 trading of KAU and KAG into a wide range of crypto and fiat pairs.

Kinesis VISA card

The Kinesis virtual card allows users to spend their digital currencies at point of sale anywhere in the world. Spend at the tap of a button in 180+ countries with the Visa network.

Providing seamless access to your digital gold (KAU), silver (KAG) and other cryptocurrencies.

*Available globally


The Kinesis wallet is simply a way to store your gold and silver digital currencies, enabling high-volume transactions with instantaneous settlement of Kinesis currencies anywhere in the world.

By holding, spending and sending, using the Kinesis wallet, you become eligible for the range of Kinesis yields exclusive to Kinesis currencies.

*Please note: The Wallet is currently only desktop compatible.

The stand-alone Kinesis wallet

If anonymity is important to you and you do not wish to go through KYC verification you can still set up a Kinesis wallet and trade with crypto trading pairs on the Kinesis Exchange with simple email verification.

Need help setting up your wallet? Learn more

Always with you

Peace of mind
Peace of mind

All Kinesis precious metals are vaulted, insured and audited under the ABX Quality Assurance Framework.

It's all about you
It's all about you

Using Kinesis currencies entitles you to proportionate yields and stable digital assets.

Multiple currencies
Multiple currencies

With Kinesis, you can hold, trade and spend multiple currencies, all from one simple interface.

Eliminating borders
Eliminating borders

Transact seamlessly across the globe using KAU and KAG anywhere with the Kinesis Debit Card.

Your portable vault

The Kinesis CoolWallet S secures your digital assets safely offline and in your pocket, giving you discreet and seamless access to your Kinesis gold and silver currencies, wherever you are.





Kinesis yields

Kinesis has developed a bespoke technology that rewards our users with physical gold and silver for life, on the very first cent they spend with us and everything after.

This is known as the Kinesis Yield System.