Referral program.

Refer a friend, bring on your employees or customers to receive a share of their transaction fees for life, whenever they spend Kinesis.

Rewarding you forever.

Becoming a referrer simply means that you refer an individual or business to sign up to Kinesis.

Referrers receive a 7.5% share of all transaction fees generated from those who sign up using your unique referral link.
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How do referrals work?

Max refers Alice

Alice makes a transaction

She is charged a transaction fee

A transaction fee is taken

Max receives 7.5% of Alice’s fee

Max’s referral network

Earn a revenue for doing what you do best.

Whether you’re a multinational, SME, affiliate marketer or an individual, Kinesis have a

For business owners, you are now able to create value from cost centres, where previously you
were unable, such as employee wages, paying suppliers and overheads, or customer interactions.